How to Create Sustainable Backlinks – 7 Link Building Campaigns

If you’ve not been putting more effort towards link building through backlinks, listen up! Backlinks will take you to the high table (top search engines result pages) while rich content reserves you a seat (conversions). Bots or search engines use some link analysis in establishing search results. And this means that search engine algorithms favor websites with backlinks, but quality links.

Quality links can only come from well-established websites and authoritative sources. Backlinks from .edu and .gov have high power and value rather than links emanating from newly formed sites, which might have flimsy content.

Are all backlinks equal?

Not at all! Take, for instance, you have a website about digital marketing, then you receive a link from an online marketing related website, that’s worthwhile rather than getting a link from a soccer site.

So, in your link building campaign, how do you build sustainable backlinks?

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an essential tool towards link building, especially if you share a similar niche with your host. Through hyperlinks created in your content, search engines can notice new web pages and determine how well to rank such a page. If you have quality links pointing back to your site, then you win search engines’ trust.

How do these engines determine the content quality of your host web?

They crawl webpages on the host web. Then they extract content from the pages and add them into their indexes. With this process, they can rank a page well for its relevant keywords if its of satisfactory quality.

So, if you become a guest blogger in good quality sites, then you will rank higher.

  1. Use of Infographics

Infographics are an article in the form of an image. Through these features, you increase share-ability while still giving your content a contemporary dimension.

Research has it that infographics can boost your website traffic by 12 percent. The study shows that information posted alongside related visual images can produce 650 percent more engagement than standard post texts. And more often, they improve social media engagement. What’s more, they help you build your brand because they paint an authoritative picture on any particular topic.

But to make your link building campaign successful through infographics, choose them wisely. Let each one contain an attention-grabbing and exclusive story around it. To make it more relevant, check around and see what’s trending and build your infographic from that point.

  1. Promote Your Content

First, and in link building, promoting poor content is wasting your time. And so is promoting great content to flimsy sites.

Public relation techniques can win you mentions and backlinks from big authority sources. But to leverage this PR tactic, you must create long term relationships – with these high authority sources.

For example, if you want to earn backlinks from great media professionals, you can start by sharing relevant content with them, which you think they might find valuable. The content must not necessarily be yours, but you can tweak it sometimes in your favor (ensure you give credit to the owner). Learn how to write media pitches. Ensure they are relevant and timely. Then share them with these professionals.

Eventually, you will create a portfolio with prominent media outlets. At this point, you can now promote your content and earn backlinks.

You can try this PR technique with other high authoritative websites.

  1. Find Outdated Links and Content

Numerous authoritative sites are several years old. Most of their content may be dated. So this creates a perfect chance for you to add value.

Pick one of such sites and scour its older content. You will find backlinks to sources that entail nonoperational information or data. Match this information with yours and showcase how your content performs a better job.

For instance, an article in a big site discusses ten-year-old facts, and your piece explains similar effects. You have a golden chance to assist the website managers and update such content. Send the administrators a feeler email seeking to offer a solution to the hitch you detected. If you decide to rewrite or update sections of the content, ensure you add contextual links to your article, thereby winning backlinks.

  1. Find Broken Links

There are many tools available in the market you can use to identify broken links on website pages. Some of these tools are free and can help you pinpoint broken links to administrators of authority sites.

Once you find broken links initially linked to content similar to what you have, you can pitch the administrator for a backlink to your updated work. For every website administrator, their goal is to make sure their site contains no broken links. So when you detect one and approach them for a backlink, they find it as a quick fix, and you bag an additional backlink in your link building campaign.

  1. Utilize Resource Pages

Many businesses have resource pages to offer their customers with links, resources, and informative articles about other related companies. For example, a real estate broker may have links to architects, interior designers, insulators, which they prefer working with.

Brainstorm on customers, professionals, and companies you do business with, then make a list and find out whether they have resource pages. And as you do that, consider whether your business will offer value for their clients.

  1. Apply Directories

Industry and local directories can make your link building campaign super easy.

Many directories provide free sign up and accept submissions. Such information includes a link to your site.

Much as business listings help guide your clients to your physical and contact address, they provide added exposure to like-minded businesses.

When you pick a directory, choose one with high page rank. It helps you rank well in search engines. Also, make sure you select lists that are appropriate to your website. And again, as you choose a directory to post your backlinks, check their authoritative reviews to ascertain their performance. That way, you will not waste your backlinks to low-quality directories.

Take Away

Link building remains as one of the most efficient methods of attracting traffic, ranking better, and activating conversions. Though somewhat challenging, with the right tactics and resources, you can within this campaign. Again, remember this backlinks’ promotion consumes most of your time and resources, so keep track of your links to remain relevant and workable. All the best!

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