Top 7 Gains of Email Marketing for Small Companies

Email Marketing for Small Businesses
Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages to potential or existing customers through emails. Here, all the tools of email are used to convey advertising mails. Email marketing for small businesses can be useful in finding new clients, increasing sales and forming a community of loyal customers. It’s now been 48 years since Ray Tomlinson wrote and sent the first email ever. Over time, email has evolved to be one of the most efficient ways of direct marketing. According to a study done by Pew Internet, 82% of United States adults use the internet. And a majority of them own email accounts which enable them to receive a limitless number of mails instantly. So, marketers can react and openly monitor consumer behavior. Here are the top seven benefits of email marketing for small businesses.
  • Easy
  • Versatile
  • Cheap Investment
  • Scalable
  • Conversion
  • Sales / Leads
  •  Cost
  1. Easy to Build, Measure, and Track
Building a marketing message through email is just as easy as coming up with any other email. And since email marketing comes with a tool known as auto-responder, it makes your journey in building an email list even cooler. Take, for instance; you have a campaign message which you want your recipients to receive on special days, all you will do is craft the text and schedule it. By EM, it’s easier to measure the number of emails sent, delivered, opened, and even the pending emails. You’ll see the click rate to your content, and this will help you determine whether your email campaign was a success. What’s more, you can calculate the ROI these campaigns contribute. Apart from determining the ROI, and with proper EM software, you can track and analyze the number of people subscribed and call to action those unregistered. The more subscribers you add to your list, the higher the chances of having more conversions.
  1. Versatility
With email marketing, it’s possible to customize messages for various clients and offer promotions and content that match with their profile. With time, your customers will get what they precisely want. They’ll obtain a better understanding of every section of your business, and therefore you can continue sending more relevant emails. What’s more, you can include images, links, and even embed videos to your emails to promote some of your products. ‘How to’ videos seem to catch the attention of consumers. And you can achieve this by showing off the personality of your brand. For example, you might have a mundane product, but explaining the product humorously cultivates a laugh to your customers.
  1. You Get What You Invest
According to research by the Direct Marketing Association, a lot of what you put into your small company, you get it back. The study shows that for each dollar you spend in email marketing, you can expect it to yield returns. And the median EM ROI is expected to be 122 percent. Moreover, when you consider revenue generation, 59 percent of B2B marketers confirm that EM is the most resourceful option. Although there are some significant variations between high and low performers in EM, you will never lose money when you choose the email marketing channel. While top performers gain $70 per dollar invested, low performers achieve $5 in every dollar invested. And to capitalize on EM ROI, emphasis on triggered email campaigns, and email personalization. Email capture strategies like browse abandonment and email my cart are a great bet as well.
  1. Growing Your Network
If you are like many startups, your goal would be to expand your small company. For you to attain this, you need a robust network of loyal customers. Cheers to EM because it offers some effective marketing tactics. For example, by putting an ‘opt-in’ tool on your site, you can collect email addresses from prospects. Once your website visitors provide you with their emails and names, they allow you to send them advertising messages and bulletins or newsletters. Research has it that your email recipients are three times active in distributing your messages on social media networks.
  1. Improves Conversion Rate
One metric that matters when it comes to email marketing is making prospects buy your products. Of course, you cannot force them to buy, but you can make it tempting. By sending your email at the right time, you can be sure of ‘click and convert.’ Employ the right software which can forward messages as and when prospective customers leave your website, while they are browsing content, or when they abandon a product. At this point, it would be the exact right time to offer them an extra nudge and convince them to purchase. Another significant route towards conversion that is provided by EM is the ability to make your emails fast and straightforward. EM suggests that a typical sales email should not go beyond 200 words, and that makes it easy for customers to read and respond to the call-to-action (conversion).
  1. New Sources of Income
Once you have gathered a good number of email addresses, and have a stable network of an audience, it’s time to break free and help your small company earn some extra bucks! Take advantage of the email newsletters and make a few referrals concerning programs, products or services that you have tested and found worthwhile. From there, every sale made out of referrals will earn you a commission. Take, for instance, you have an email list of 500 loyal audiences, and your referral program generates a $100 sale from each of your customers. Your share here will be blazingly incredible!
  1. Cost-Effective
As a small company, it’s obvious you have a limited budget. And that’s why you need to get a cheap way to find and engage your audience. Thanks for email marketing because it is an affordable digital marketing strategy that does require a blown-out budget to get you on the move. By using a low-cost data collection software, and an automated email, you can utilize your preliminary budget and get yourself started. According to research done by DBS Data, for every dollar you spend on EM your average return is $38. That’s remarkable! Take Away The gains of email marketing for small companies certainly offset the downsides. And in the contemporary tech age, EM can supercharge your brand awareness, create new sales through existing consumers, and establish excellent traction with prospective customers. So go ahead and start your email promotion today!

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